Terms and Conditions

Правила и условия

1. Обща информация

These standard terms and conditions for websites written on this web page govern the use of this website. These Terms will apply in full and will affect the use of this website. By using this website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions written herein. You should not use this website if you do not agree to any of these standard terms and conditions on the web

2. Собственик на сайта

site.The site www.mgrentacar.eu owned by MG Renta Carr with head office in Sofia – 1616; Ul. 251 Okolovrasten pat street, 251 Mladost 4.

The company’s manager is Yi. Dang.

3. Ограничения

You are especially limited by everything below

• Publication of any material on the website in any other media;

• Sale, sublicensing and/or otherwise commercializing any material on the Website;

• Public performance and/or display of any material on the website;

• Use of this website in any way that is or may harm this website;

• Use of this website in any way that affects users’ access to this website; in these stand

4. Вашето съдържание

ard terms and conditions of the website, “Your content” means any audio, video text, images or other material you choose to display on this website. By displaying your content, you grant MG Rent a Car a non-exclusive, worldwide, sublicensed license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute to MG Rent a Car in any and all media.

Your content must be your own and must not enter into the rights of third parties. MG Rent a Car reserves the right to remove any of your content from this website at any time without

5. Какво е съдържанието на сайта

notice.www.mgrentacar.eu is a car rental site. Our responsibilities come from all

6. Отговорности

legal provisions related to the company’s activity in accorda

7. При възникнали проблеми

nce with The Bulgarian legislation. MG Rent a Car may review th

8. Кога се променят общите условия?

ese Terms at any time as it deems necessary. Users of this website are

9. Възлагане

expected to view these Terms on a regular basis. MG Rent a

10. Несъответстия със законодателството

Car, as the owner of this site, May assign, transfer and include sub

11. Действие на тези Общи условия

contractors of their rights and/or obligations under

12. Управляващо право и юрисдикция

these terms without any notice. In the case of disputes, if they cannot be resolved by mutual understanding between the parties, a decision will be sought in court. All cases for resolving any disputes are brought and brought on the territory of Sofia.

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