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За нас MG Rent a Car - Предаване на нает автомобил и подписване на условията за ползване на превозното средство.

Welcome to the MG Rent a Car website

We are glad that you have chosen to browse the website of our company and believe that you will choose the right car to rent and we will offer you the conditions you are looking for.

We at MG Rent a Car for more than 7 years we have been dealing with car rental.  Leading for us are the accuracy, correct attitude and mutual understanding with our customers. Many of our first customers already enjoy the status of regular users and we maintain friendly relationships.

We believe that we can meet the requirements you have and become friends with you!

 — Ivanina Ivanova, Manager of MG Rent a Car

Core values

We at MG Rent a Car strive to be as useful as possible for each of our customers and for those who are looking for preliminary information and have not yet decided which company to rent a car from.

  • We offer good conditions and competitive prices.
  • We select the cars we offer.
  • We keep the cars in order.
  • We offer additional options.
  • We perform our duties correctly.
Контакта между служителите и клиентите на MG Rent a Car винаги е бил с взаимно уважение и от двете страни.


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